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About Wales

Wales is blessed with some superb motorcycling roads. Think mountains, think valleys, think rivers, think lakes, think winding roads and wide open spaces.

Now you're in Wales.

The stories are true, when riding in Wales it's always a good idea to look out for the sheep; particularly the pretty ones!  Sheep are born stupid, they do the most inane things, often verging on the suicidal, sometimes in groups, then they die. Sometimes the only apparent motive for their more crass actions is their intention to not go alone into that good night. 

Sheep aside, Wales is blessed with some superb biking roads which, outside the coastal regions of the north and south, are relatively free of other traffic. It is still possible to ride all day in the Beacons, Black Mountains, and mid Wales and not see a lorry.

Roads to enjoy, scenery to gawp at, and a warm welcome in the hillsides - what more could a motorcyclist wish for?

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