Meet the team

We're very fortunate to have such a wide range of skills and experience within the team, not to mention around a century's worth of combined motorcycling experience to top it off.  Here's the place to learn a little more about the people who make MotoGoLoco tick. Come and say hi - bring a coffee. 

Clint Smith

Often referred to as "Mr Fix It", Clint is just one of those guys - always ready to help with a problem, be it on your bike or in your day to day travels, he's the kind of guy you want on your side in times of trouble.

Steely eyed and as strong as an ox, he throws his GS Adventure around like it's a Supermoto (infuriatingly so, for the rest of us mere mortals) at every opportunity. He takes life, his riding, his bike, and his family very seriously.

The chances are that if you are reading this and travelling in Scotland, then you are staying at one of the accommodation providers that Clint has discovered, visited and endorsed. Quite rightly he takes these endorsements very seriously - to the point of having walked out of a number of venues who wanted to become a part of Motogoloco but did not fully fit the criteria.

No half measures with our Clint, what you see and what you hear are what you get.

Jim Bryan

Take one look at the caricature on his own Advanced Riding website ( and you'll immediately recognise our Jim – In reality it looks more like Jim than Jim does and we're still not sure if that is a good thing or not, (neither is he!).

Sage advice, great humour, a great deal of patience, and a brilliant rider are Jim’s calling cards. He enjoys the honesty, integrity and team approach of Motogoloco, and as an experienced motorcycle tourist across Europe, clearly recognises the need for such a concept. If you are staying at any of our accommodation in Eire, Isle of Man or Northern Ireland then you are riding in Jim’s endorsed wheel tracks.

You will have to travel far and wide to find a more honest and decent man. If you do ever get the chance to ride alongside Jim, take it up - you'll learn a heck of a lot and have a whale of a time in the process.


Hayley Howe

Ah yes, our Hales!! Her mission should she accept - (which of course she will, has no real option either way, and actually wants to) is to get through her Direct Access and onto a bike post haste.

We just cannot have a none biker in these offices - it is just plain and simple - wrong.

Having dealt with hundreds upon thousands of motorcycle guests as the unflappable front of house at the Buccleuch Arms Hotel (whilst having to live and work alongside this lot) she can talk the talk and walk the walk - now all she needs to do is ride the ride! I think (read - we know) she is already sussing out the leather suppliers.

Although we have had to tell her that being a farm girl does not mean that Wellies (regardless of brand) make suitable riding footwear.

Hales is likely to be your first port of call in any public dealings with MotoGoLoco for the simple reason that she will always go the extra mile to ensure that we can do everything possible to resolve any issue or make it work - for you. Nothing is too much trouble for Hales.

Her most regular comment is that - "Bikers make the best guests - by far!!!"

We can endorse that.

Polly Smith

Those of the sixties, seventies and even eighties will remember Johnny Cash and in particular the song aptly named "they called me Sue ".

Well, Polly, an accomplished Rugby player, whose physique and features fit well with being a "Hooker" either had a father with a sense of humour or a father that believed in the Johnny Cash philosophy (the jury is still out on this one). So look out for someone riding around with a piece of his ear lopped off. Giving Polly the choice - it is certainly still on the cards. Watch this space!!

Born into a family of passionate bikers Polly was always going to follow suit. A gifted artist, with a flare for graphics Polly is also responsible for the website and can often be heard having "opinionated conversations" with James which of course is always finished off with James saying - "job done" and Polly saying "No worries mate".

Polly enjoys a clear vision of MotoGoLoco, where we're going and how to get us there. He's passionate about the principles and concept of what we're all striving to achieve, and makes it known that he is privileged and lucky to be working on something that he believes in and loves.

He claims he gets his inspiration, ideas and solutions when out on the bike. (The jury is already IN on that old chestnut)

Dave Smith

Intro - This guy is Driven. Middle - This guy is Driven. Ending - This guy is Driven.
Get the picture?

Whatever Dave puts his mind to, he will do it with total focus. He will take full responsibility for the project in its entirety. Blame and blame culture does not fit in his vocabulary. He will develop a project that he believes in with unsuppressed passion and energy. He inspires confidence in all around him, resulting in a team that not only wants to make things happen but make things happen well, better and different.

It's very difficult to derail this man when he is on the tracks and the goal is clear. He does not tolerate doom sayers, procrastinators and excuse makers - other than that he thinks that he is very easy going and tolerant. Repeat - he thinks!!!

Having started a number of successful businesses in his lifetime he states that this is the first one he's starting that he personally wants to do and not something that is a means to an end or just an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Dave's a hugely passionate motorcyclist with well over 40 years experience - his first bike (when he was 8 years old) was a moped that was" borrowed " long term. That is his story and he is sticking to it. This is a man who has led a full life so if you manage to sit down with him you will be well entertained with his numerous and intriguing raconteurs.

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