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About Republic of Ireland

To really enjoy Ireland escape into the country. Quiet roads, striking mountain ranges, gorgeous coastlines and a warm welcome wherever you go, makes Ireland a 'must-visit' destination.

The Celts in general, and the Irish in particular, have not forgotten that life is for living and that the company of others is to be enjoyed. Never assume as you walk through a town in Ireland, or through a door, that you'll complete your planned journey in the time allotted. A chance meeting, (merely holding a door open for someone), can lead to an hour or two in discussion and, sometimes, to a lifelong friendship. The Irish enjoy the craic more than anything, (even Guinness!), and if you are the shy & retiring sort you'll find it easier to relax and go with the flow, and join in the bonhomie.

With the addition of the motorway network Ireland has become even more attractive to touring motorcyclists. The "A" roads having lost the majority of their traffic, are opened up to riders and it is now possible to traverse the island whilst enjoying all the beauty the Emerald Isle has, free of the majority of other vehicles.

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