Important Notice


Sadly, due to changes with Google Maps the MotoGoLoco Mapping Service has been temporarily disabled.

All of you and all of your routes are very important to us! We know you love the system we have created just as much as we do. You can be assured we are working tirelessly to get the system live as soon as possible.

We do sincerely apologise. We will WIN!

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We will keep you updated on this page.

Update (11.02.2019)


We have been flooded – and we really do mean flooded – with calls to get the site up and running as fast as possible and introduce a realistic fee if that is what it takes. We truly appreciate the warmth, understanding and support that we have received to date.

We have been subsidising this site from inception as we loved getting route building into the hands of our fellow bikers. Our old business model allowed us to do this - Just!

Unfortunately, as a number of you are aware, Google changed their pricing structure in the middle of 2018. We had a strategy in place. However, even this ended up not being acceptable to Google.

As a result of our success and continued growth – Google, the commercial Megalith, saw an opportunity for them and decided to impose punitive charges on the use of their map API.  We have negotiated with them to a large degree and we are still challenging them.

We are investigating redesigning the tech aspects of MotoGoLoco to see if we can reduce the pure  “Google” aspect as much as possible.  Once we have done this we will work out the new true cost and may have to build in some form of premium charge for access to various parts of the route builder.

A number of you have mentioned other base mapping alternatives. Unfortunately this is not as simple as it seems and would require a complete rebuild of the system. It would also mean losing a number of features. However it is still an option we are exploring.

We will be back online! We are nto sure whteher we may have to introduce a realistic or minimal cost at this point.


Can I  kindly request, with humility, that restraint be exercised in contacting us as we are not in a position to tell you any more than this statement, at the current time.   Emails have overwhelmed our system twice already and detract from us trying to fix the problem which remains our top and first priority. We will update you with progress as soon as we can.


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