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About England

England is a fantastic country that begs to be explored by motorcycle.

Steeped in an extensive history with stories of Kings, Queens, myths and legends emanating from before medieval times. Thankfully the English take great pride in their past, and many castles, forts, bridges and monuments remain & are protected,  giving the country an aura of historical resonance.

Although the country is the largest of the island of Britain it is only 400 miles in length and 300 miles in width approximately. Having said that it is a condensed with many things to see and do, and fortunately being part of an island is surrounded by over 1150 miles of glorious coastline to explore.

There are ten stunning national parks in the country each with distinct differences in their individual beauty, ranging from the craggy mountains of the Lake District to the undulating hills of the Yorkshire Moors. The rest of the country tends to be a mix of flat pastureland and rolling hills, much of which is manicured farmland. The cities are crammed full of ancient relics, monuments and museums but when you venture out into the narrow country lanes you’ll uncover hidden secrets in the rural villages, many of which still retain their medieval architecture.

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