You save up your pennies…

29th May 2015 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, Racing

You save up your pennies, save even more, (eldest scion needs a better car so savings disappear), start saving again, you clean your bike, clean your kit, clean the bike again because you went out for a ride, the day arrives and you set off at silly o’clock so that you can sit opposite the Liver building for two and a half hours, get to your mates’ house in Mount Rule, go out again to fill the tank, put your boots/leathers/gloves/helmet inside the back door because you don’t want to disturb them, (too much), as you set off for the first of your early morning laps — and 04:00 arrives and it is absolutely piddling down – have to wait at least another day for my first Mountain fix of 2015.

All the best, Jim


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