28th January 2019 by  in The Dex Files

I’m not normally too bothered by winter, but this weekend’s ride wasn’t much fun.

I don’t know if you were out as well. There didn’t seem to be too many bikes about. I guess it’s only fools like me who persist in pretending that riding bikes is always brilliant, no matter what the weather.

There was no grip, little light, my face was freezing inside my crash helmet… Frankly I was glad when I got to the seaside and had an excuse to hide inside a nice warm cafe, chewing the fat with Number Two Son who had requested the ride.

But the thing is… if we hadn’t been on bikes, I probably wouldn’t have had that time with my son. Certainly not freed from the tyranny of domestic chores. And while it was unpleasant to ride in, I checked the miserable faces of the people stuck in cars as we filtered up to every set of red lights.

Yup. Being on the bike still beat being in a car. Even in winter.

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