Where did all the 600s go?

2nd July 2018 by  in Daily Digest

Talking of 600s, I thought I’d idly check out the state of the market (after all, old farts like me riding tourers or adventure bikes – ahem, and an S1000XR – don’t tend to follow sportsbike trends so closely).

Where are they? The only sports 600 I could find was the R6. No Ninja 600, Gixxer Six, no CBR600RR or even Trumpet 675…

I still see loads of sportsbikes at Loomies, Rykas or other bike meets – and I suppose there are more litre bikes than 600s, but they’re all still out there.

But I guess they’re only going to get older. And then what? Their riders will have to either trade up to thousands or move onto adventure bikes and tourers like the rest of us old farts? Ahem, or maybe an S1000XR…. Ah, so maybe there will be alternative sportsbikes.

Still, I was shocked when it dawned on me. No more sports 600s…

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