This year’s boys’ trip

3rd April 2016 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, Rants & Raves

I thrashed it down the motorway most of the way back from Scotland. A three-day trip when there’s lots still to be done at home isn’t necessarily productive. I got back in time to have a meal with The Fair Lady Scully, then headed out again (she wasn’t impressed – I knew I was living dangerously) to talk to the boys about this year’s trip.

We didn’t reach any kind of conclusion. I was up for returning to Northern Spain again, as I thought the roads were so good and I’m sure there’s plenty more to discover. Dale Caesar had come brandishing a copy of a RiDE magazine supplement with a tour of Portugal that looked quite good. But Tidy Tim and DA were both talking about the Grossglockner in Austria.

Now, I’ve done the Grossglockner before – with Noddy, Dale and Punchy Pete. But Tim and DA weren’t riding with us then. It is a brilliant road and of course getting there means riding some cracking roads: down through the Ardennes and the Black Forest, into the Alps, loop down through the Dolomites and come back up through the Vosges. I’d love to go back.

But then again, Spain was so good last year… and Portugal looks like it might be even better…

We didn’t even manage to get a date confirmed when we can all go. Frankly, I don’t know what my diary’s going to be like when I get back from Scotland so I was a bit hesitant about committing to a time, but the others were all unprepared so I was let off the hook a bit there.

So we’ll have to try harder to work out when we can all go. And maybe by then we’ll have worked out where we all want to go.


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