This might be useful

18th February 2019 by  in The Dex Files

If like me you’ve been reading RiDE magazine for a few years, especially for the touring stuff, you might have noticed that Simon Weir – the bloke who did most of the useful touring stuff – has left recently. The mag’s still very good, but I was wondering where I’d get the touring stuff I wanted.

Well, I found out that he’s set up on his own. The routes aren’t free (the way they are on here and on the magazine site) and there aren’t so many of them, but he’s adding to them all the time apparently. More to the point, he’s offering to plan bespoke tours for people – and if you’re not sure where to go for a bike tour, that could be just what you need. You can see his website here. Have a look – it might be helpful.

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