The gang’s all here

11th February 2019 by  in The Dex Files

Great ride at the weekend. All the touring crew were there: Hogsback Harry; Tidy Tim and DA; Punchy Pete and Dale Caesar; Noddy and Big Ears.

I know, listed like that we’re like the extras from a really bad Harry Potter film. From the bit that ended up on the cutting room floor. I use nicknames for them so they remain anonymous if anyone from their real lives reads this blog. I can’t tell you what their nickname for me is, but it’s short (alright, it’s “shorty”. Or “Short round” after the kid in the Indiana Jones film).

Anyway, we had a first-class run down to Loomies, blowing out the cobwebs. Gentle bimble back. It wasn’t exactly great weather, but it felt like spring had to be just around the corner because we were all out there on the bikes.

While we were there, I found out that Windsor Davies had passed away – I’d missed that. If you don’t remember him or It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, you’re clearly too young to have a touring bike! But for those of us who grew up an a pre-PC age, he was a legend. The only pity was that for this weekend, I wasn’t called Shorty  but Gunner Sugden. Which I feel was cruel…

Can’t wait for spring to actually arrive. And for the guys to go back to taking the micky in the more normal fashion.



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