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3rd December 2014 by  in The Dex Files

I was in Lancashire yesterday. Had ridden up the day before, stayed overnight, to be ready for an early start at a site we’re migrating (relax – that’s as much IT talk as you’ll get. I don’t want you to fall asleep at the screen). Came out of the B&B to find a thick crust  [Read full post…]

Bikes & Bridges Photo Contest Winners

30th June 2014 by  in Competition Winners

It is with great pleasure that we’re able to announce the winner of our recent Bikes & Bridges photo contest – as always, huge thanks to all who entered, the competition was as impressive as it was fierce. Without further ado, the winner is… Actually, it’s another tie – we simply couldn’t split these three  [Read full post…]

Uses for old crash helmets?

8th May 2014 by  in Competitions

What do you do with an old crash helmet once you’ve replaced it with a shiny new lid? Practical uses include donating them to your local fire brigade / ambulance station for training, but we particularly loved this one from our mate Quiff Wichard over on the forum: Got a better idea? Send us yours  [Read full post…]

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