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Somehow, sometimes, we seem to leave our brains switched off

3rd June 2014 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel

5:12am and as I approach the apex of the first left of Quarry Bends I come upon two riders, in the middle of the road, holding hands, one pulling the other along on his bike – open roads, possible oncoming traffic hidden behind the next right hand bend – my brakes really do earn their  [Read full post…]

What day is it?!

29th May 2014 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, Racing

I think I’ve been here a week, but I began asking folk what day it was last Saturday, (it’s Thursday now – I think). The TT has that effect on me, each year I come across with plans, arrangements, appointments and intentions to, “get things done”. And each year I leave having achieved not a  [Read full post…]

Think on….

29th May 2014 by  in Riding TIps

I saw these previously pristine, shiny, owners’ pride and joys on a flat bed recovery truck on Peel Road early yesterday. A few hours previously they were being ridden up the Mountain by people intent on enjoying their holiday, and, possibly, thinking that as they had no intention of binning it, an accident was inconceivable.  [Read full post…]

Sliders do it all, (and then some)

27th May 2014 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, Racing

There are those in the road racing fraternity who look askance at sidecar outfits cluttering up their race schedules, “slow, cumbersome, inelegant, often fragile, oil spreaders!”, are just some of the epithets hurled at those of a slider persuasion. However, for those of more discernment, insight, intellect, and, dare I whisper it, sheer class, the  [Read full post…]

Why do I keep on doing it?

26th May 2014 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel

Coming to the Isle of Man that is, and riding the TT course with all its inherent dangers and pitfalls. Just back from two laps of the Mountain “circuit”, and prior to setting off this morning I had the, “first lap butterflies”, all over again. Nervous, and full of trepidation, I had been waiting since  [Read full post…]

No boat

26th May 2014 by  in The Dex Files

Just had a look at trying to get a boat to the Isle of Man (in case I could talk TFLS into letting me go to the TT with Number One Son). No go: ferries all seem booked up.

TT or bust?

26th May 2014 by  in The Dex Files

Number One Son, who finished university three years ago and has finally become self-sufficient, sent me a text this morning: “Dad. TT?” I’m assuming he doesn’t think I should enter – and I’m hoping he’s not thinking of entering. Not without a bit of preparation: he’s only ever done one track day. Does he think  [Read full post…]

Sometimes too much, is just, well, too much!

9th September 2013 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel

Every time I come across to the Isle of Man, whether for the TT or the Manx, I envisage my getting to almost all of the many and varied attractions that this island has to offer visitors and motorcyclists in particular. And yet, to date I have never managed to drag myself to even half  [Read full post…]

Jim’s Manx TT Highlight is… Chris Mitchell

4th September 2013 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel

Thoughts from abroad. Now that I’m back home, (and faced with the detritus of two weeks away, a bike that needs a good clean & fettle, grass & hedges gone feral, etc), I’ve some room to think back on this year’s Manx. Apart from the inestimable Michael Dunlop and his blinding pace, apart from the  [Read full post…]

Well that’s it for another year

2nd September 2013 by  in Daily Digest, Motorcycle Touring & Travel

The final Senior Race was cancelled due to the constantly unpredictable weather. Cracking flags at Ramsey whilst chucking it down at Glen Helen, then wall to wall sunshine at Sector three and rain at the Grandstand. The Junior Race, (250s & Supertwins), was halted when they were on their second lap because of rain, and  [Read full post…]

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