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Incident Management Course

6th June 2015 by  in Racing

This was my fourth, (I think!), Incident Management Course, (IMC), delivered by the Isle of Man Marshals association, and in typical grumpy ol’ giffer mind set I was not looking forward to a full day in a classroom, particularly as the day was blessed with wall to wall sunshine – my bike and the Mountain  [Read full post…]

After five days on the Island……‏

3rd June 2015 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, Racing

……. ……. a lap of the Mountain circuit! A combination of weather, Marshaling preparations, Marshaling, Cafe support, (friends with whom I stay run a Cafe in Douglas), and sleep, combined to forestall my getting out on the bike to ride the circuit. Now that I’ve managed my first lap of 2015 I can relax, and  [Read full post…]

Awesome, simply awesome

7th June 2014 by  in Racing

Following a week of racing interrupted by rapidly changing weather forecasts, schedules adjusted in the hope of meeting everyone’s wish lists, Senior Race day dawned to be greeted by Mona’s Isle’s sunniest face – wall to wall sunshine, (even in Ramsey!), and we were treated to a stunning display of machine and track mastery by  [Read full post…]

What day is it?!

29th May 2014 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, Racing

I think I’ve been here a week, but I began asking folk what day it was last Saturday, (it’s Thursday now – I think). The TT has that effect on me, each year I come across with plans, arrangements, appointments and intentions to, “get things done”. And each year I leave having achieved not a  [Read full post…]

Sometimes too much, is just, well, too much!

9th September 2013 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel

Every time I come across to the Isle of Man, whether for the TT or the Manx, I envisage my getting to almost all of the many and varied attractions that this island has to offer visitors and motorcyclists in particular. And yet, to date I have never managed to drag myself to even half  [Read full post…]

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