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17th July 2015 by  in Techie Stuff

A while ago we received some feedback from a chap called Sefa who’d been having some issues planning a route on MotoGoLoco Maps.  It transpired that Google Maps (from whom we get all of our mapping data) wasn’t aware of a short ferry crossing a few miles South of Istanbul that helped avoid a pretty hefty round trip.

Turkey ferry issue Google Maps

Whilst Google maps is an unquestionably phenomenal tool, it does rely feedback from people to help iron out any inaccuracies along the way.

We reported the issue to Google, and low and behold a month or so later (I suspect they’re a bit busy) we got a reply; the problem is in the process of being resolved.

Google Maps Feedback Reply

– Result! It does work, they do actually listen!

Best of all, this update will roll out to all other tools and sites that utilises Google’s mapping data – including MotoGoLoco Maps.

How to send feedback to Google Maps

The more people we can get to do this whenever they spot an issue, the more chance we have of Google spotting and fixing things – resulting in an even more powerful and accurate mapping tool for all to use.  They do seem genuinely keen for feedback – let’s give it to them!

With Google Maps open, click on the little question mark ‘?’ in the bottom right hand corner, and click ‘Send general feedback’.

Send Google Maps feedback

From here you’ll be able to provide a screenshot and description of your problem.

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