Snow laughing matter

4th February 2019 by  in The Dex Files

Well, I think I timed that pretty well. I dodged the worst of the winter weather – thanks to the tax man. Not often he does something that helps…

Like most self-employed people, the final week of January is a slightly anxious juggle of getting all those accounts you thought were in order actually into some kind of order. It was nice that this year the 31st fell on a Friday, so it felt like the week was building up to wrapping up the tax bill before the weekend.

That coincided with when our weather was worst, so I left the bike in the garage and just got on with the paperwork.

To be fair, we didn’t have that much snow. Just enough that some of the smaller lanes I usually take to save time might have been a bit dicey. So I wasn’t that fussed about being stuck in the home office.

When Saturday came, things were looking pretty good and, with the tax done, I could have got the bike out. I phoned around to see who was up for a bit of a run down to Brighton: no takers. Seems there was enough winter to keep everyone else off the road, so I stayed in too.

This week, though, it’s business as usual. No stopping me!

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