A sad end to a week of racing, and a tragic end to a life

29th August 2014 by  in Racing

“The Manx Motor Cycle Club regrets to announce that Gary Firth from Barnsley in Yorkshire was killed during today’s Senior Manx Grand Prix on the Isle of Man.

The incident occurred at the 11th Milestone on the Mountain Course, at approximately 1.45pm. The race was immediately red flagged.

Firth, 50, a newcomer to racing on the Mountain Course, finished 34th in the Newcomers A Race earlier in the week and had recorded his fastest lap of 102.282mph earlier in today’s race.

The Manx Motor Cycle Club wish to pass on their deepest sympathy to Gary’s family and friends.

The Coroner of Inquests has been informed and an investigation into the circumstances of the accident is underway.”

Gary Firth

The above statement is an awfully familiar one to those of us involved in road racing. Often those these statements refer to are friends, acquaintances, and colleagues, and somehow even if not directly known to us their passing affects us deeply.

With Paul Dobbs’s death @ Ballagarey a few years ago we saw his wife courageously support both his decision to pursue his love of racing, and accept his tragic loss with a magnanimity that humbled all of us.

I can only hope that Gary’s family and close friends are similarly able to achieve such serenity in the loss of their over one.

All the best


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