IOMTT 2017 – Ride Safe People!

1st June 2017 by  in Daily Digest, Rants & Raves

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IOMTT 2017 – “Am I getting even more curmudgeonly as time goes by?” Is a question I find myself posing ever more frequently – some of the standards of riding I see on the Island are stunningly subterranean.

Riders coming toward you with full beam blinding you, (making it as difficult as possible to judge their approach), riders dragging both feet on the ground as they ride along, (obviating use of the rear brake), undertaking on the nearside, (preventing other riders/drivers from turning into corners/side roads), riders in full race rep protective kit with pillions in trainers, fashion jeans, shell jacket & no gloves, (guess who is likely to come off worse if the worst happens?), overtaking a line of stationary vehicles; including other bikes, and pulling in in front of everyone ensuring that those locals and other tourist riders who have been daft enough to queue, are unable to get through the junction when the lights change, (superb means of raising fellow motorcyclists’ standing on the island).

I could go on; and probably will at some point, but that’s enough of a rant for the moment.

The Mountain has been closed repeatedly every day, (one being a three hour plus closure indicating a possible KSI incident – caused by a rider undertaking another bike and hitting him off the road – he’s in custody, the rider he hit is in Nobles with, “significant injuries”), it’s as if our normal self-preservation habits are checked in at the ferry terminal.

My colleague paramedics usually arrive at our Marshal stand having spent hours dealing with the victims of crass riding – please let’s all of us remember … Ride Safe for everyone’s sake!

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