The pre-pre-trip-trip (trip)

8th May 2017 by  in Daily Digest

Well that was a great weekend.

I was up early and heading north, meeting Noddy at Thurrock services (where I’d calculated the XR, which was on half a tank on Friday night) would be wanting more fuel at 7am. We met Number One Son at the Peterborough Services at 8:30. Then we went across country to the Peak District, up into theYorkshire Dales and on to the Pennines.

We stopped in Alston – a great town in need of a great curry house (in my humble opinion). We had a good meal in the pub, but I always fancy a Ruby on a road trip. Anyway, it was all impromptu but worked a treat.

Next day we carried on over Hartside Pass – and that’s an interesting road to ride first thing in the morning, with dew on the roads and a chill in the air from the night before, I can tell you. I had the XR flashing an orange light at me on a couple of the corners and it took me about five miles to realise it was the traction control warning. I couldn’t feel it cutting in, it’s so smooth, but still… I slowed down a bit after that.

We rode through the Lakes and then back into the Dales. This time, though, we just jumped on the M1 south to cover some ground. We got off at Towcester and took the A413 down to Aylesbury and Gerrards Cross, to pick up the M25 – No1S heading north to Watford while Noddy and I headed south to civilisation. It was pretty late by the time I got in, but it didn’t matter. It had been a great weekend – and regardless of what name makes sense for this trip, it was a great success.

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