Other people’s music (rant!)

24th July 2015 by  in Rants & Raves, The Dex Files

Sorry, this post isn’t about bikes.

It’s about modern life and young bloody people and their bloody music. Which I know makes me sound like some kind of old fart – but perhaps I am an old fart.

I’m used to offices where the only noise is the sound of tapping keys, hushed conversation and the muted hum of the server fans. Today I had to go and help a colleague – a fellow contractor – with an install at one of his clients.

The radio was on, the whole time we were there. Not just on, but so loud we had raise our voices when talking – not lower them, as we normally would. Worse, whatever station it was streaming (of course it was streamed over the internet, not broadcast over the airwaves) was bloody terrible. Some sort of heavy metal channel – all grunting and shouting and million-note blibbedy guitar solos. Rubbish.

I tell you, I found it far harder to do my work than I would in the normal monastic hush I associate with site visits.

I really am becoming an old fart. Sorry.


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