16th January 2019 by  in The Dex Files

I’m watching the weather forecast with some trepidation. All this talk of snow is making me nervous.

I know some people like snow. Skiers, for instance. School-kids who get an unexpected day off.

But I’m a motorcyclist – and a self-employed one who doesn’t have a car, just a bike, to get to work. And if I don’t turn up, I don’t get paid.

So all this talk of maybe seeing snow over higher ground in the north later in the week is making me a bit anxious. I have to head north – and I want to get there safely and get back. Naturally, I’m seeing clients in both Sheffield and Manchester, which means taking Woodhead Pass or  Snake Pass – both of which are vulnerable to snow.

So I’m hoping there’s no return of last year’s Beast from the East – not until I’m home, anyway.

I’m going out now. I may be some time…

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