More rain…

31st May 2015 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, Racing

Just, JUST as soon as I see an opportunity to get out and complete a lap, a first of 2015 lap of the Mountain Course, hove into view across the Irish Sea, just as soon as I move in the general direction of my leathers – it piddles down!

I’ve been on the island for two days, eleven hours and one whole minute, and I’ve yet to get a lap in. I’ve heard of significant changes made to Keppelgate, (road widening and resurfacing), which I’m further told has made a significant difference, (and will ensure almost certainly another incremental reduction in the record lap time), but I’yet to experience it.

Today at the PreTT races on the Billown Circuit, we saw three riders smash the lap record by posting 100+ mph laps – due to a combination of skill, sheer lunacy, sound mechanicals, and the resurfacing work completed from the exit crest of The Dip up to Cross Four Ways. Whilst this fresh, smooth Tarmac had minimal effect on the smaller bikes, the whoppers in the Superbike class were able to keep their throttles pinned from the entry to The Dip, over the crest, and right up to the braking point for Cross a Four Ways.

It was perhaps inevitable that another; far less welcome, consequence of this improvement was several riders and drivers, (sliders = “drivers”), coming to grief as they had overlooked their entry speed having failed to fully account for their heightened velocity gained from smooth TarMacAdam.

Another change was less significant for the racers, but more so for me – I was asked to Flag at Ballanorris, (my recently usual postings are either @ The Dip or Roy’s), and I thoroughly enjoyed the new experience.

And, to highlight just how vital it is to live your life as fully as you possibly can, and never bow to conventional wisdom, observe hackneyed, stereotypical limitations, or worst of all – “Act your AGE!” –  the winner, (in his class), of the first race was eighty seven year old Ted Fenwick – 87! I’m in awe.

And, having been shown the way by a man who is more than two decades my senior, I get back home, and, it’s started to rain, again! Bugger!

All the best, Jim.


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