The Last Ride of the Year

10th December 2016 by  in Daily Digest

Well, clearly not the actual last ride – I don’t really stop (until Christmas Eve, anyway.)

But I had my last run for the year on the SM-T, just down to Noddy’s to drop off a DVD he wanted to borrow. Came back, washed the bike and put it away at the back of the garage – clean and polished, chain lubed and trickle-charger connected, little drop of fuel stabiliser in the tank. I doubt I’ll get it out again until April, unless we have a really early spring.

That’s the joy of having a workhorse bike as well as the fun bike. I can keep the mileage – especially the mileage on salty roads – to a minimum on the SM-T while the tourer takes the strain and battles the winter weather. Fortunately for me, the GTR is a fun bike anyway.

But it’s an odd feeling, settling the KTM down for hibernation like this. On the one hand, I feel incredibly lucky that I’m able to do it – I know having two bikes is a luxury (though, remember, I don’t have a car). At the same time, there’s a real bitter-sweet feel to it. I’m not sentimental about bikes, which are just bits of metal designed to eat money, after all, but I do feel a bit sad at putting the  bike away like this. I know it’s for the best, and it’s not forever, but I’ll miss it not really being around.

It reminds me a bit of when we dropped No1 Son off at university for the first time. The difference is the KTM isn’t going to go out and get drunk as soon as my back’s turned…

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