Lakes – here we come

4th May 2018 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, The Dex Files

We’re heading to the Lake District for our pre-trip trip. It won’t be a big outing. Noddy can’t make it, nor can Tidy Tim and Dale Caesar.

But the rest of the gang will all be there. So far all I’ve done is book the hotel near Kendall for two nights. I haven’t planned the routes.

We’ll have one full day in Cumbria. So what are the hidden-gem roads? I know all the major passes – it’s the unlisted back lanes I need reminding of (though even some of the passes feel like more than unlisted back lanes!) so any tips would be welcome. I have a few weeks before we go to get it sorted, so let me know what your top tip for a good Lake District ride is.

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