IOMTT2017 – Ginny nettles well deserved!

3rd June 2017 by  in Daily Digest, Rants & Raves

Ginny Nettles

IOMTT 2017 – “And another, Rant Warning”, I’m afraid, plus some unpleasant anatomical information.

Last night’s pinnacle of idiocy took the form of drunken yobs walking out on the closed track, “to see if the bikes are coming”!

Between Knock Breck and Harold’s four men repeatedly walked out from the hedges and onto the race track despite being warned by the Marshals that they were putting their own, the riders, the Marshals, and spectators lives at risk. (NB – a human body struck by a heavy missile travelling in excess of 170mph, does not merely die, it ceases to exist as a single unit – it explodes, effectively becoming a cloud of shrapnel).

The practice had been running for more than an hour, and the next wave of riders had been waved off from the Grandstand, Race Control were powerless to help, so a resolution depended on a Marshal leaving his post, climbing through a couple of back gardens, and through a small wood in an attempt to, “dissuade”, these homicidal cretins of the error of their ways.

Luckily for them, (Andy is a firefighter of some physical presence and not someone you would ignore), they saw him approaching and ran off in the direction of the railway line. One of them had earlier removed his top and, naked from the waist up, fell into a thick patch of, “Ginny nettles”, whilst running away – he at least will have had an uncomfortable night.

Such behaviour places everyone, (including the very future of road racing – insurers will not cover races if they assess there to be a significant risk of financial loss), at risk. As it was, a Marshal had to leave his post thereby reducing the cover at that part of the track, the CSM and DSMs in Sector 3 were aware that lives were at risk, as were Race Control. Their concern did nothing to ease the considerable demands they experience during closed roads, adding to the pressure and diverting attention from other tasks.

Several Marshals took photographs of these idiots, all of which have been passed to the police, hopefully they’ll be having to explain themselves to the Deemster in the near future.

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