IOMTT 2017 – Use your mirrors!

4th June 2017 by  in Daily Digest, Rants & Raves

Got enough mirrors?

IOMTT 2017 – Earlier today I managed laps five and six, the first of which was the usual quiet lap with very little company, (notable primarily for a rather fine young hare who kept me company along through Crosby Leap).

The second rated as the first, “proper”, lap – lots of other bikes, and we were joined @ May Hill at 06:27 by a line of Lamborghini, GT3 and assorted muscle cars, plus a somewhat, “assertive”, Fireblade rider who refused to let the cars head off in front of him and insisted on inserting himself in their midst.

By the time we got to the Gooseneck the super cars were somewhere in the distance, but the Fireblade rider, (who had been swerving side to side as we passed through Stella Maris in order to, “warm”, his tyres?), was wobbling through the corner, pinning it on the straights, and braking through the corners.

I could not see if he had any mirrors so erred on the side of survival as we passed groups of slower bikes heading up the Mountain Mile, (other riders cause me most concern other than animals and children). Approaching the Mountain Box it seemed that he was both braking, entering the first of the lefts on the extreme left, and lacking knowledge of the course – so I took the opportunity to go around on the outside.

Pass completed, there followed a really pleasing ride through the Veranda, and Museum, (overtaken by a very well ridden Pannigale as we exited the Veranda).

Approaching Brandywell I came upon a group of Swiss riders, the first two of whom were using their mirrors, but the third – the third, riding a tricked up XJR Yamaha 1300, was totally oblivious to the possibility of following traffic approaching him from the rear. Such was his erratic line that none of us were brave/foolish enough to attempt to pass him, and by the time we got to Keppel Gate he was leading quite a convoy.

As he pulled in to the Creg I stopped alongside, and discovered that he indeed had mirrors, (small aftermarket bar-end jobbies that he had moved inboard over his hands – to aid streamlining?), and tapped the off-side mirror reminding him that a, it existed, & b, he might benefit from using it.

As the signs all the way around the track advise – USE YOUR MIRRORS!

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