IOMTT 2017 – Who left the shower on?!

8th June 2017 by  in Daily Digest, Racing, Rants & Raves

Stormy Weather

IOMTT 2017 –┬áJust back from a trip up to the summit of Snaefell this afternoon on the electric railway, (I’m something of a control freak and I find the lurching, rickety, and somewhat decrepit Mountain railway a test of calm), having been assured, by my Chief Sector Marshal, (an authority on all matters Manx), that the summit would be clear of the clouds and basking in sunshine.

Well it was not, but it was basking in wall to wall cloud, horizontal rain and visibility of approx five metres.

However, this did not deter a succession of riders from assaying a lap, only to be turned off the road at the Bungalow down to Selby Glen by two roads policing cars, fully sticker’d up, blue lights going full pelt. From our seats in the carriage we could only just, JUST, make out the two sets of flashing blue lights some fifteen metres away towards Hailwood Rise!

I’m relatively familiar with the road down to Sulby from the Bungalow, but with visibility down to five metres, in failing light, gusting side winds, and horizontal rain, I’d not be happy to walk the road never mind ride down.

Perhaps those intent on riding over the Mountain in those conditions were in training for the, “Darwin Awards”?

Rather them than me.

All the best,


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