IOMTT 2017 – John McGuinness, what a man!

10th June 2017 by  in Daily Digest, Racing

John McGuinness

IOMTT 2017 – In addition to receiving a standing ovation as he, together with his family, boarded the Mannanan at Liverpool dock, John McGuinness has been his usual giving self.

As per normal he is in demand for interviews, PR cameos and glad-handing the great and good, plus queues of autograph hunters. A couple of days ago I passed the merchandise row, (opposite the beer tent), to see John and Becky inside surrounded by fans, John signing tee shirts/posters/caps/jackets etc, all whist standing up. Standing up on his mullered leg – no thought for his personal well being, concentrating; as usual, on meeting the requests of his legion of fans.

Two memories of John that have remained with me for some years, the first a book signing in Waterstones in Douglas – John was due to be there for an hour, he stayed for over two until the very last person in the queue had met him, had a chat and received their memento.

The second occurred in the paddock – John’s motorhome was parked at the top just behind the Marshals’ office, a rope barrier had been placed around the entrance to the van, and closed off as the McGuinness family were having lunch. A fan approached, opened the barrier, walked up the steps and opened the door, (without knocking), and asked if John could sign his programme?!

John did not hesitate, he signed the programme, chatted to the intruder and wished him well, after which he resumed his family meal.

Given a magic wand I’d wish John a complete recovery coupled with a return to full fitness, and I’d like him to retire whilst at the top of the tree.
I’d also wish for some fans to draw breath, think, and consider that their hero might, just, be human and deserving of some privacy and genuine respect.

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