Incident Management Course

6th June 2015 by  in Racing

This was my fourth, (I think!), Incident Management Course, (IMC), delivered by the Isle of Man Marshals association, and in typical grumpy ol’ giffer mind set I was not looking forward to a full day in a classroom, particularly as the day was blessed with wall to wall sunshine – my bike and the Mountain were calling!

But, despite my less than full enthusiasm as I set off for the St. John’s Headquarters on Glencrutchery Road, I found this course to be both informative, and enjoyable. Not only that, I was impressed by both the style and pace of the trainer group, who not only knew there stuff, but knew how to deliver it in an interesting and engaging way. Looked at from the point of view of a disinterested trainer, there was more than enough content to warrant a full two day course, but such are the demands of a volunteer organisation that we were, “force fed”, our diet of First Aid, Incident Management, Marshal Duties, and Tetra, (radio system used to link all Marshal posts with Race Control), at a pace that I found required my full attention – the trainers worked hard, and so did we.

Brett Hammond, (Director of the TT Marshals Association), has taken the lead in recent years in refining, improving, and developing this vital training input for all Marshals used on the TT, and his hard work was evident, this course was by far the best I’ve attended to date. One aspect introduced by Brett since he took on the training brief, is the requirement for all those undertaking their three yearly IMC retraining, to, “Pass”, this course. Marshals assessed to be unfit to carry out the duties and physical demands of Marshaling on the Mountain Course, are informed that they are no longer Marshals, and their Warrants are withdrawn. By some fluke I passed!

Like First Aid training, I’ve used the skills and techniques gained on previous IMC courses not just on circuits but in everyday life. We’re all road users and these courses are invaluable when the unfortunate occurs – well worth considering signing on as a Marshal, as you’ll gain more than just the satisfaction of contributing to racing on Mona’s Isle.

All the best, Jim.


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