How to import routes to CoPilot app (Android)

26th May 2015 by  in Techie Stuff

First things first – all of this has been done on my work Windows 7 laptop, Mac/Linux users will have to improvise for the time being I’m afraid, but the process should be similar.

Import Routes CoPilot Androi d

Officially you can’t create a route outwith the app and import it manually (like you can with most Garmins and TomTom Sat-Navs), however… with a little bit of digging, and a hearty dose of bodging – there IS a way to do it.

NB – this is largely un-tested, and so far the routes I’ve created on MotoGoLoco haven’t translated 100% to CoPilot.

I think it just needs more way points added to my route on MotoGoLoco to lock it down better, but tread with caution and double/triple check your routes, times and distances well in advance of travelling.

The following is a slightly long-winded workaround that has let me create routes using MotoGoLoco maps, convert them into .trp files for CoPilot and then transfer them onto the app in my phone.

What I Used

  • Android Phone (I’m using an HTC One M8, and haven’t tested this on any others yet)
  • CoPilot app, with the relevant country(s) maps installed
  • USB Cable to connect your phone to your PC – (I found my HTC really didn’t like being connected with anything other than an official HTC cable. And they say Apple are difficult…)
  • MotoGoLoco Maps user account (free, takes 10 seconds to set up and we promise not to spam the cr*p out of your inbox)

*UPDATE – CoPilot (.trp) route files are now available as an Export option on MotoGoLoco Maps.

Key Steps

  • Create and save your route using MotoGoLoco Maps
  • Export it as a CoPilot (.TRP) route file
  • Transfer it onto your phone
  • Launch CoPilot app on your phone and load the route

Locating where CoPilot stores route files on your phone

CoPilot lets you create and save routes using the App, and you need to suss out where it saves these route files on your phone.  The easiest way to do this is to create a dummy route via CoPilot and save it using an easy to find name (e.g. TestRoute1).

Then, plug your phone in and go digging either by the route name (in this case TestRoute1) or by file type (CoPilot route files are saved in .trp format).  Exactly where these are stored will almost certainly vary from device to device, but in my case, (Windows 7/HTC One M8 with SD Card), they were in here:

  • My Computer\HTC One_M8\SD card\Android\data\com.alk.copilot.mapviewer\files\EU\save

Once you’ve located where the route files live on your phone, this is where you drag and drop your final TRN route file into.

Heed the golden rule of route building

Settings and preferences on your local device (phone/GPS) will always, Always, ALWAYS overrule those on an imported route.  e.g. if you’ve added a twisty-turny section but your GPS is set for Quickest Route, you’ll be directed to the nearest Motorway.

Thus, always double/triple check that any local settings on CoPilot are not over-riding what you’ve created on your original route well before you travel.

Good luck!


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