How do you do it?

2nd February 2018 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, The Dex Files

Here’s a question: how do you sort out your tours? Do you always make up your own routes? Do you use other peoples? Do you have a mate who does all the planning for you?

In the old days, Dale did almost all the route planning for our group of mates for our European trips, while I did all the routes for our UK trips. Then we started mixing it up, so I’d do a bit of Europe too.

But recently we’ve started using RiDE routes for our European trips and downloading routes from this site for our UK rides. They’re really good and it makes things a lot easier for us – planning is a lot quicker.

We don’t always stick exactly with the routes: as a group, I guess we’re quite high-mile riders and often the routes we find are a bit short (especially some of the UK ones) so sometimes we modify them to put in some extra bits.

But I’d love to know how many riders follow other people’s routes exactly, versus those who take them as a starting point and modify them to suit their riding styles.

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