France day four: round the bends

19th September 2018 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, The Dex Files

I thought we’d ridden some twisty roads yesterday. Not compared with today’s route…

I thought I knew France pretty well from a biking point of view. I’d done all the big passes, been to Millau and done the Tarn gorge before, seen quite a bit of it over the years. But I’d never ridden the roads we were on today, I don’t think. And they were stunning.

We began running north literally from the hotel gateway straight onto a brilliant road: more swooping high-speed bends with majestic views. Then we cut across country on another masterpiece of bend-building, to turn onto what might be my road of the trip so far: the D906… What a road! It had everything – and, okay, a little more traffic than some of the other roads, but we were never held up – there were enough straights to overtake easily.

By lunch I was absolutely hanging, though – it’s great riding but was tiring. I was surprised Noddy didn’t nod off after we’d eaten!

The afternoon was great as well, though the roads were just as demanding. There was one that matched the D906 corner for corner and was quieter too, but the surface was a bit more worn.

Still, we made better time today (ahem, we stopped less in the afternoon) so made it here by 6pm. Now it’s time for a beer!

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