France day five: twisted

20th September 2018 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, The Dex Files

I worked out (by looking at Tidy Tim’s sat nav, as he doesn’t know how to set it up) that we could have got from one hotel to the other in about two and a half hours. As it was, by following the route rather than going straight to the end point (that’s what the sat nav is for, Tim…) it took us all day.

Again, on crazy roads. I think the French must dislike straight bits. Maybe they remember what the Romans did to Asterix so they’re rebelling against straights – certainly round here.

We skirted the edge of Le Puy and then headed up to Ambert by the most indirect way imaginable. I had done a few of the roads here before, but on the way south and just thought “not bad”. No. They’re not “not bad”: they’re “bloody brilliant”. The D999 was the afternoon’s stand-out road for me, but they were all great.

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