The Forth Road Bridge is 50

4th September 2014 by  in News

Despite clearly being the uglier sibling, (and facing imminent replacement) the Forth Road Bridge was first opened by the Queen 50 years ago today, on the 4th September 1964.  Costing £16m back then, it now transports upward of 25 million vehicles between Fife and the Northern outskirts of Edinburgh every year.

The Forth Road Bridge is 50

So – by way of our own little celebration of sorts, here’s today’s challenge for you.

What’s the best day’s riding you can come up with that INCLUDES the Forth Road Bridge?

The rules are very simple – come up with a route, draw and save it in MotoGoLoco Maps (*remember to save it as Public) for 1 day’s riding – whatever that may be to you. 50 mile Sunday morning escapees and Iron Buttocked GS’ers are all equally welcome here!

Then once you’ve saved your route, click the ‘Share’ button and paste the URL (web address) below.

Your route must include at least ONE crossing of the Forth Road Bridge.

This one’s just for fun – what’ve you got?

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