Fly-ride sunshine

21st February 2019 by  in The Dex Files

I’m pretty knackered. I had to drop Number One Son and his girlfriend, Little Miss Sunshine, off at Luton Airport this morning at some ungodly hour (and don’t get me started on that experience). I was driving his car, as I’m the named driver on the policy.

They’re off to Malaga to have a long-weekend riding rental bikes in the sunshine (I didn’t check the forecast so I hope they have good weather for it). It’s something I’ve never done but, as I got back on my bike to ride straight from their Watford base to today’s client site in Norfolk, I have to say seemed really appealing. It’s not a vintage ride from the M25 to where I am, even though I was on the road early enough to go cross-country – up the A10, A428 round Cambridge, little bit of A14 and then small roads up from Bury St Edmonds.

Trouble is, the roads up here are filthy and slimey. I can’t help thinking that a weekend on dry, grippy roads under even a wintery Mediterranean sun would be pretty lovely right about now.

I’ll wait until No1S gets back and find out how it went. Maybe I can get a last-minute deal before then end of the month…

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