Ever wondered what happens to all those used race tyres at the TT?

3rd June 2014 by  in Daily Digest

Well here is your answer!

TT Tyre Skips

If you fancy clambering into one of these skips you can probably help yourself to as many used TT race tyres as you can carry.  And, if you want a “matched” pair a friendly word to one of the tyre technicians might result in you leaving with a set of hoops the envy of your friends.

Bear in mind however, that these are in the skip for a very good reason – they have been taken to the edge of their performance parameters.

(NB – rumour has it that some folk grab a set of these, put them on their bikes, add a pair of worn knee sliders purchased via eBay, and posture and preen at biker gatherings, as if they are accomplished riding gods – sad isn’t it?)

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