Couldn’t someone have asked someone?!

2nd July 2014 by  in Rants & Raves

This weekend the Tour de France, Grande Depart, comes to God’s own county (Yorkshire), and don’t we know it.

Tour de France Yorkshire Grande Depart

The A65, as it passes us, will be closed to all traffic @ 05:30, pedestrian access to the road will be prohibited from 09:50, something described as, “the caravan”, comes through @ 10:20, the caravan is complete by 12:00 @ which point the, “Road Sweeps”, come through, 20 minutes later the peloton flies through, followed by the back up vehicles @ 12:30, and @ 15:00 the A65 will be opened.

So, nine and a half hours of road closure, all for thirty minutes of “action”, (that includes the back up vehicles)!

Am I missing something, or have they taken leave of their senses?

Compare the above timetable with the marvel of efficiency, effectiveness and sheer professionalism witnessed across on the Isle of Man, (both Mountain & Billown circuits), five times each and every year. Surely someone in the Grand Depart management team could have requested some input from Mona’s finest?

Or; and here I may, just, be verging on cynicism, is some hidden motive at work? The Team Presentation, being held in Leeds on Friday night, traditionally a free to all celebration of cycling in all its glory, and an opportunity for the great unwashed to get up close and personal with the elite of the sport, is, for the first time ever, to be restricted to those prepared to cough up £45.00p for the privilege.

If monetary gain is a possible factor effecting management decisions, this may, to some degree, explain the lengthy road closure orders – once parked up, (minimum £5.00 per car), spectators will be a captive audience, and ripe for fleecing by traders paying for pitches within, and adjacent to, the course.

But, I’m merely a crusty curmudgeon, much given to a jaundiced view of society, so I’m confident that I’m wide of the mark.

All the best, Jim

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