Come on England!

13th June 2014 by  in Rants & Raves

As a Welshman exiled to God’s own county of Yorkshire, (I’m on missionary duty – don’t ask), I find myself in the unusual position of cheering on the England team, and wishing them success.

Come on England!

Given both my penny and the bun, I’d like to see England win all their games, (after extra time & penalties), eventually progressing to the World Cup Final itself, (just like ’66), and there; after extra time and penalties, losing to……….. I don’t really care, as I support only two teams – Wales, and anyone playing against England.

So why is a confirmed appreciator of pretty sheep hoping that England do far better than any pundit predicts?

Well, the thing is, when England are on the telly the roads are somewhat devoid of traffic, particularly the subsection of other road users given to tail gating/road rage/speeding in 30s, 40s & 50s/refusing to use those shiny objects attached to their wings, or the make-up adjusting reflective thingamajig from which you are supposed to hang your air freshener, rosary beads, CDs, cuddly toy, (used in place of a personality), and bluetooth adaptor.

Thus, someone riding a bike has; every time England take to the field, approx three hours in which to enjoy roads normally suffering a thrombosis due to boxes on wheels, blocking roads better suited to PTWs.

Empty roads - biking bliss!

As of now we could be in for 28 days of motorcycling bliss, (unless Johnny foreigner fails to read the script & goes and spoils it all by being better than England).

All the best, Jim.