Christmas trees

3rd December 2018 by  in The Dex Files

Okay, so clearly the local shops were in festive overdrive even before Halloween – but what about you?

Had a breakfast run with the boys at the weekend and Hogsback Harry admitted that he’d put his Christmas tree up two weeks ago.  “It’s the misses, she loves it…” was his excuse.

The rest of us were unanimous: there are 12 days of Christmas and not one of them’s in November. We did a bit of a poll in the car park: about half the people had already got a tree up or were putting it up over the weekend. But if you asked the bikers… only one other apart from Harry had gone early.

Does that mean bikers are more likely to be anti-festive misery guts? Or does it mean we know when it’s appropriate to put up the Christmas tree, because riding bikes means we have other things to get excited about for the rest of the year? I know what I think…

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