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Sorting Google Maps issues one at a time

17th July 2015 by  in Techie Stuff

A while ago we received some feedback from a chap called Sefa who’d been having some issues planning a route on MotoGoLoco Maps.  It transpired that Google Maps (from whom we get all of our mapping data) wasn’t aware of a short ferry crossing a few miles South of Istanbul that helped avoid a pretty hefty  [Read full post…]

How to import routes to CoPilot app (Android)

26th May 2015 by  in Techie Stuff

First things first – all of this has been done on my work Windows 7 laptop, Mac/Linux users will have to improvise for the time being I’m afraid, but the process should be similar. Officially you can’t create a route outwith the app and import it manually (like you can with most Garmins and TomTom Sat-Navs),  [Read full post…]

Website Maintenance – Tue 3rd Feb 2015

3rd February 2015 by  in Techie Stuff

We need to run a few updates on our web server which entails taking it offline for an hour or so.  In order to minimise any inconvenience during this downtime, we’ll be starting the work at 9pm this evening (Tuesday 3rd February 2015). If you’re unable to access tonight, please accept our apologies but rest  [Read full post…]

Motorcycle Route Builder – BETA version

10th September 2013 by  in Daily Digest, Techie Stuff

We’d like to give you a sneaky preview on something we’ve been working on for quite a while. We recently launched the Beta (test) version of our brand spanking new motorcycle route builder and mapping system which you can check out by clicking the image or link below. MotoGoLoco Mapping System ( You can use the  [Read full post…]

Set your Spam Filters

10th September 2013 by  in Techie Stuff

Adjusting Your Spam Filter We all hate spam! Unsolicited, unwanted junk e-mail arriving in our mailboxes daily! They’re as frustrating as a badly placed manhole cover on the apex of a beautiful twisty. Consequently, most email clients/programmes provide us a way to fight spam and put filters in place to catch all the ‘trash’. It  [Read full post…]

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