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Discounts on IAM & RoSPA Training

8th October 2014 by  in Riding TIps

Want to improve your riding skills? The IAM and RoSPA are offering riders a discount off their training courses or test fees. Claim 5% of RoSPA test fees by quoting THINK on your test application form or £14 discount off the IAM Skill for Life course by booking online and quoting THINK in the discount  [Read full post…]

Think on….

29th May 2014 by  in Riding TIps

I saw these previously pristine, shiny, owners’ pride and joys on a flat bed recovery truck on Peel Road early yesterday. A few hours previously they were being ridden up the Mountain by people intent on enjoying their holiday, and, possibly, thinking that as they had no intention of binning it, an accident was inconceivable.  [Read full post…]

Jim battles the elements

23rd October 2013 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, Riding TIps

Travelling back to Yorkshire from my overnight stay in Moffat at the Buccleuch Arms, (why is it that I’ve never yet managed to leave the Bucc’ on time?! – I always find myself chatting to someone / having another cup of coffee / jet-washing the bike / meeting another rider, and setting off hours after  [Read full post…]

Riding the Isle of Man TT Course

30th May 2013 by  in Daily Digest, Riding TIps

Some thoughts on riding the Isle of Man TT course: Yesterday I rode the course three times,  06:15, 10:30, & 13:00(ish), and some aspects of staying this side of an incident occurred to me. Never “switch off”, “pootle” or “bimble” along – ALWAYS ride with every sense attuned to exactly what you are doing, what every  [Read full post…]

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