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Biking brothers and sisters?‏

12th June 2014 by  in Rants & Raves

As I returned home from this year’s TT I experienced some of the selfish behaviour that gives us bikers a bad reputation amongst the general population. On the Mannanan there were just enough seats for every passenger to get comfortable and relax for the two and a half hour crossing to Heysham, just enough. The  [Read full post…]

Be careful what you wish for!‏

24th March 2014 by  in Rants & Raves

For years I’ve been muttering about the BBC’s apparently perverse decision to persevere with Charlie Cox as half of their MotoGP commentary team. If I heard, “across the stripe!” one more time, I’d have screamed. “He’s got the magnets on”, was slightly less irksome, but I would have paid good money to fit the antipodean  [Read full post…]

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