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IOMTT 2017 – Who left the shower on?!

8th June 2017 by  in Daily Digest, Racing, Rants & Raves

IOMTT 2017 – Just back from a trip up to the summit of Snaefell this afternoon on the electric railway, (I’m something of a control freak and I find the lurching, rickety, and somewhat decrepit Mountain railway a test of calm), having been assured, by my Chief Sector Marshal, (an authority on all matters Manx), that  [Read full post…]

IOMTT 2017 – Use your mirrors!

4th June 2017 by  in Daily Digest, Rants & Raves

IOMTT 2017 – Earlier today I managed laps five and six, the first of which was the usual quiet lap with very little company, (notable primarily for a rather fine young hare who kept me company along through Crosby Leap). The second rated as the first, “proper”, lap – lots of other bikes, and we  [Read full post…]

IOMTT2017 – Ginny nettles well deserved!

3rd June 2017 by  in Daily Digest, Rants & Raves

IOMTT 2017 – “And another, Rant Warning”, I’m afraid, plus some unpleasant anatomical information. Last night’s pinnacle of idiocy took the form of drunken yobs walking out on the closed track, “to see if the bikes are coming”! Between Knock Breck and Harold’s four men repeatedly walked out from the hedges and onto the race  [Read full post…]

IOMTT 2017 – Ride Safe People!

1st June 2017 by  in Daily Digest, Rants & Raves

IOMTT 2017 – “Am I getting even more curmudgeonly as time goes by?” Is a question I find myself posing ever more frequently – some of the standards of riding I see on the Island are stunningly subterranean. Riders coming toward you with full beam blinding you, (making it as difficult as possible to judge  [Read full post…]

This year’s boys’ trip

3rd April 2016 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, Rants & Raves

I thrashed it down the motorway most of the way back from Scotland. A three-day trip when there’s lots still to be done at home isn’t necessarily productive. I got back in time to have a meal with The Fair Lady Scully, then headed out again (she wasn’t impressed – I knew I was living  [Read full post…]

Town planners (RANT!)

9th October 2015 by  in Rants & Raves, The Dex Files

There’s a town near me that’s just had a new one-way system put in. It is absolutely insane. Where crossing the town centre used to take about three minutes, I swear it takes nearly fifteen now. The route’s probably only about half a mile longer, but there are about four extra sets of lights which  [Read full post…]

Other people’s music (rant!)

24th July 2015 by  in Rants & Raves, The Dex Files

Sorry, this post isn’t about bikes. It’s about modern life and young bloody people and their bloody music. Which I know makes me sound like some kind of old fart – but perhaps I am an old fart. I’m used to offices where the only noise is the sound of tapping keys, hushed conversation and  [Read full post…]

RANT – Dipped Beams Please

23rd July 2014 by  in Rants & Raves

This week I’ve been acting as the family’s, “one man and an estate car”, delivering one daughter and a % of her stuff to her new flat in London, collecting another and all her stuff from Newcastle, and then up to Edinburgh to scout for accommodation for our youngest – I’m knackered! These journeys have  [Read full post…]

Couldn’t someone have asked someone?!

2nd July 2014 by  in Rants & Raves

This weekend the Tour de France, Grande Depart, comes to God’s own county (Yorkshire), and don’t we know it. The A65, as it passes us, will be closed to all traffic @ 05:30, pedestrian access to the road will be prohibited from 09:50, something described as, “the caravan”, comes through @ 10:20, the caravan is  [Read full post…]

Come on England!

13th June 2014 by  in Rants & Raves

As a Welshman exiled to God’s own county of Yorkshire, (I’m on missionary duty – don’t ask), I find myself in the unusual position of cheering on the England team, and wishing them success. Given both my penny and the bun, I’d like to see England win all their games, (after extra time & penalties),  [Read full post…]

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