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Woman jumps red light next to police motorcyclist

10th October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Footage from someone sat behind a fully marked up London police bike at traffic lights when the (completely oblivious) driver next to him jumps a red light. Makes you think. JM

What happens when motorcycles go to heaven?

10th October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Video of motorcycle graveyards – warning, some viewers may find this footage upsetting.

Number plate flies off and impales following Fireblade

9th October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Lucky escape for this CBR954 rider as the number plate from the vehicle ahead flies off and buries itself into the front fairing of his bike.  Hope he picked up a lottery ticket on his way home.

Woman Biker Vs Litter Louts

6th October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Girl vs littering : Russian motorcycle chick delivers street justice to people who drop litter out of their car windows. Widely regarded as being staged, but still – makes for an interesting 4 minutes worth of viewing all the same! – James M

Knee-dragging R1 rider snatches GoPro from the road

14th September 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos


The Perfect Accident?

20th August 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Someone’s guardian angel was looking out for them today… We’ve all seen plenty of crazy Russian dash-cam footage, but a motorcyclist going car surfing…? Wow.

Awesome Russian Off-Road Bike

17th July 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Who needs a GS Adventure, when you can have one of these? It’s lightweight, agile, floats, climbs and packs down into something you can fit in your car boot.  The AK-47 of the motorcycling world?  Maybe, but what a hoot this looks! Now… where do I go to buy one?! James

Scooter Rage

1st February 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Scooter rider’s patience finally gives in when his bike conks out at a roundabout. We’ve all been there in some way, shape or form kid!

“Look, Signal, Manoeuvre” Old Motorcycle Safety Video

30th January 2014 by  in Daily Digest, Motorcycle Videos

I came across this old Ministry of Transport motorcycle safety video clip and thought how much things have changed since we all wore fisherman’s sock topped boots & gauntlets half way up our forearms. In addition to motorcycle kit, our riding has come on considerably since we were expected to ride in the gutter –  [Read full post…]

Harley Ratbike vs Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

29th January 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Another classic – admit it, you didn’t see the outcome of this Harley Ratbike vs Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade drag race coming, did you?!  

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