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London lorry wipes out Ducati Monster

21st July 2015 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Quick reactions and amazingly calm response from the rider – shame about the bike though.

“Well, I tried…”

3rd July 2015 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Biker tries to warn dozy car driver that they’re turning up a one-way street.

Dougie Lampkin Tundra Trials Video

9th December 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

The latest Red Bull video from 12 times World Trials champion Dougie Lampkin, riding around the stunning snowy backdrop of Northern Finland’s Lapland.  Beautifully shot and as always, some awesome riding on show. Grab a cuppa – that’s today’s tea-break viewing sorted! Dougie Lampkin brings the sport of Motorcycle Trials to the vast arctic landscape of Northern  [Read full post…]

Desolation off-road video

1st December 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Desolation is a new and quite brilliant off-road skills video from Danya Kušnarevič filmed around the Moscow region of Russia.

GSXR wheelie busted by mounted policeman in London

17th November 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Nothing quite like someone filming their own misdemeanors before uploading them to YouTube for the rest of us to enjoy!  

Robbie Maddison’s Drop In VIDEO

11th November 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

A jump for the record books, Robbie Maddison also known as the modern-day Evel Kneviel attempts yet another death defying aerial feat-as he takes over the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, a setting that is more improbable, and impressive, than ever. Details Speed at launch: 71 mph Jump Distance: 114 meters / 374  [Read full post…]

Canadian Motorcyclist in the Snow

7th November 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

We’ve all ridden in the rain (*right?!), some of us have also ridden in the snow. However, I’ll bet none of us have done so whilst being as cool as this guy in Canada.

Biker cuts free driver out of upturned car

29th October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Helmet cam footage of a San Diego motorcyclists hit the web this month after the rider stopped, whipped out his pocket knife and cut free the woman driver of an upturned car on a busy highway. 2m 16s in appears to be the exact point where our man starts thinking about nipping back to ask for her  [Read full post…]

The Little Person Inside – Documentary

28th October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

Every so often you stumble across a photo, story or video that stops you in your tracks and causes your jaw to involuntarily drop a little. The story of Talan Skeels-Piggins sheer determination to overcome a motorcycle accident and subsequent paralysis, to go on and race bikes is certainly one of them.  Grab a coffee and watch  [Read full post…]

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride London 2014

10th October 2014 by  in Motorcycle Videos

  Footage from the London leg of this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride as shot and edited by Dominic Hinde

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