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A bike meet with the boys

5th September 2016 by  in Daily Digest

No, not the old gits I normally ride with. I went to Brighton at the weekend with both my sons. We were having a big family lunch on the Sunday, so No1 Son had come down on Saturday morning – dropping Little Miss Sunshine at Noddy’s so she could spend the day with her parents.  [Read full post…]

This weekend’s plan

5th August 2016 by  in Daily Digest

I’m hoping to get a bit of riding in this weekend. I’ve been looking at the routes on Motorcycle Scotland, trying to decide where to go. And I’m stuck. So – recommendations please. Or nominations: which of the routes on Motorcycle Scotland (or on here) should I be doing this weekend? Dex

Attack of the clone

17th March 2016 by  in Daily Digest

I got a call from Noddy. If the visit from the police wasn’t bad enough, today he’s received four fixed penalty notices from different camera sites. Which suggests a trip to the magistrate will follow, as whoever cloned his scooter has landed him with 12 penalty points.   Clearly, he’s going to have to go  [Read full post…]

Disappointing test ride

14th March 2016 by  in Daily Digest

Had a chat with Number One Son today. He’d taken the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 out for a test ride. He’d been very impressed with it at the London Show, but admitted he wasn’t quite so bowled over by it when he rode it. I don’t think he had a terribly long ride on it, the  [Read full post…]

Eggshells not necessary

19th February 2016 by  in Daily Digest

I was back at that same site today and the lady who’d had a relative injured on a bike spoke to me about it. She began with “I know you ride bikes. My son’s just crashed his” and my heart sank. Until she added “Silly bugger. He’d never been off-road before. Bought a crosser from  [Read full post…]

That’s my boy…

22nd January 2016 by  in Daily Digest

Number One Son tells me he’s shelved plans to change bikes. At least until Spring. He reckons he’ll get a better trade-in on his sportsbike when the weather’s a bit sunnier. I can’t say I disagree with him – though clearly the danger is that the price of the bikes he’s looking at will also  [Read full post…]

My favourite Welsh road is…

18th December 2015 by  in Daily Digest

…Impossible to pick. There are too many good roads over there. Get to Brecon and you can’t find a dull one. The one everybody seems to rave about is the “Black Mountain Road”, the A4069 and it is brilliant, but personally I’d say the A4059 and the B4560 could give it a run for its  [Read full post…]

Tempting fate

15th December 2015 by  in Daily Digest

I knew I shouldn’t have said anything about filtering. I got stuck in a big queue today. There was one of those mobile homes being moved by truck, with its escort van behind it. Sat next to the projecting bulk of the mobile home in the queue was a container lorry. There was only about  [Read full post…]

The Bike Show

2nd December 2015 by  in Daily Digest

Just back from the NEC Bike Show – as I still call it. Nowadays it’s called “Motorcycle Live”. I haven’t been for a few years, as the London Motorcycle Show at the ExCeL in Docklands is just so much more convenient for those of us who live in the South East. Still, I had a site  [Read full post…]

Not getting away with it

1st November 2015 by  in Daily Digest

Ahem. I have had a few crashes. Not many. Never serious. But obviously, I’m a short man: I’ve dropped one or two bikes – levers, mirrors, footpegs, indicators and so on have been broken in the inevitable undignified topple when I’ve missed my footing. This happens less as you get older and learn to spot  [Read full post…]

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