A bike meet with the boys

5th September 2016 by  in Daily Digest

No, not the old gits I normally ride with. I went to Brighton at the weekend with both my sons. We were having a big family lunch on the Sunday, so No1 Son had come down on Saturday morning – dropping Little Miss Sunshine at Noddy’s so she could spend the day with her parents. Then No2 Son came over and the three of us rode down to the Coast.

It was quite a strange experience, really. I have no concerns about riding with No1 Son, as he has plenty of experience. The ink’s still wet on his brother’s licence. Still, I led the way and kept him in my mirrors – I didn’t want to drag him into overriding his little Honda CB500X, so took it steady and didn’t do any overtakes that he couldn’t follow.

Of course, when we got to Brighton he told me to stop fannying around. “I was tempted to overtake you a couple of times,” he said.

So we had our burgers on the front, then headed back at a more normal pace. He was fine. I really do think that next year we should do some kind of family riding holiday. It’s a few years since we last did a big family holiday but maybe this would be a fun way to do it again.


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