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Naughty Noddy and Bad Big Ears

25th September 2016 by  in Daily Digest

Two of our regular riding buddies are former boys in blue – my old mate Noddy* was a pretty senior policeman until he retired, while his mate Big Ears was a detective of some sort before hanging up his truncheon. Naturally, you’d assume they were the most law-abiding of the bunch of us. But apparently  [Read full post…]

A bike meet with the boys

5th September 2016 by  in Daily Digest

No, not the old gits I normally ride with. I went to Brighton at the weekend with both my sons. We were having a big family lunch on the Sunday, so No1 Son had come down on Saturday morning – dropping Little Miss Sunshine at Noddy’s so she could spend the day with her parents.  [Read full post…]

Eggshells not necessary

19th February 2016 by  in Daily Digest

I was back at that same site today and the lady who’d had a relative injured on a bike spoke to me about it. She began with “I know you ride bikes. My son’s just crashed his” and my heart sank. Until she added “Silly bugger. He’d never been off-road before. Bought a crosser from  [Read full post…]

Train, train, go away

28th January 2016 by  in The Dex Files

I actually took a train yesterday. I had to go into Town looking properly smart and I didn’t think I could get away with taking a suit in a bag, then changing out of my bike kit in the toilet before my meeting. God I hate the train. Crowded, noisy, uncomfortable, inconvenient… every mile on  [Read full post…]

Tim crashed

6th November 2015 by  in The Dex Files

I know, I know… I said no more talk of crashing. Sod’s Law dictates, though, that no sooner has that post gone onto the blog than I get a call to say Tim’s crashed. Thankfully, it wasn’t on his Explorer. It was on his mountain bike. For some reason, he’d decided to join a couple  [Read full post…]

Great place to stop if you are on a bike

12th September 2015 by  in Accommodation Reviews

The East Dart Hotel in Yelverton is a great place to stop if you are on a bike. There is undercover parking for the bike and a nice warm room to dry your gear -very important when you bump into the remains of Hurricane Bertha en-route!! A very friendly welcome from owner Paul to a pub  [Read full post…]

Ring of Beara – MotoGoLoco Classics

28th August 2015 by  in MotoGoLoco Classic Motorcycle Routes

We don’t really understand why the Ring of Kerry is more famous than the Ring of Beara – among bikers, anyway. Beara’s just spectacular. It’s pretty narrow and steep and twisty, almost like a quiet minor Alpine pass – in fact the Healy Pass that crosses the mountains is a genuinely brilliant pass. We’re quite happy to  [Read full post…]

Ring of Kerry – MotoGoLoco Classics

26th August 2015 by  in MotoGoLoco Classic Motorcycle Routes

The Ring of Kerry is a beautifully picturesque circular route around the south west of Ireland. Local’s tip – ride the route Clockwise (as we’ve drawn it here), as the local tour buses all drive Anti-Clockwise. Route Map & GPS Files >View/download the route map and transfer it to your GPS device here

Hey, shut that gate!

28th July 2015 by  in Daily Digest

Let me just adjust my mirrors…

23rd July 2015 by  in Daily Digest

View post on Video clip of motorcyclist adjusting his rear view mirrors on the approach to a road barrier.  It doesn’t end well, as you might imagine.

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