After five days on the Island……‏

3rd June 2015 by  in Motorcycle Touring & Travel, Racing

……. ……. a lap of the Mountain circuit!

A combination of weather, Marshaling preparations, Marshaling, Cafe support, (friends with whom I stay run a Cafe in Douglas), and sleep, combined to forestall my getting out on the bike to ride the circuit.

Now that I’ve managed my first lap of 2015 I can relax, and wait for better weather, (that lap was undertaken on Wednesday morning at 05:00, and it was on the cold side, with something of a Hooley headwind up the Mountain Mile), the forecast is looking better for the end of Practice Week and into Race Week.

It’s sad to note that, yet again, fellow riders are losing their lives when across here – whilst happening less frequently than previously due to the one-way system on the Mountain Section, it remains a fact that whatever safety measures the island’s authorities enact, we continue to pay an obscene price for our passion.

Perhaps we might consider those who we leave behind before we push our limits just that little bit too much?”

All the best, Jim.

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