A spy in the camp

6th December 2016 by  in Daily Digest

I had a chat with Number One Son today. Did he know anything about La Crashbung? That’s what I’ve decided to nickname Number Two Son’s mysterious lady friend who saved the lad’s bike from damage when he dropped it – and her – on the floor in a pub car park.

Actually, No1 Son did. He’d even – and I could tell he didn’t really like the phrase – been on a double date with them. On the bikes. No1 Son and Little Miss Sunshine rode to Oxford with No2 Son and La Crashbung for a day while I was away on the boys’ trip to Europe. Apparently she’s sweet, not what we’d expect, and she likes bikes.

Frankly, I think that’s good enough, isn’t it? My youngest has a girlfriend who likes bikes. What more could a father want?

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